The Operation


Meet the Captain

Captain Tyler Macallister been chasing fish recreationally and commercially since the age of 12 beginning with a 12' wood skiff the named "River Rat."   5 years and 3 boats later he took a 1st Mate site on a Bluefin Tuna boat in 1985, harpooned and rod and reeled his first Giant Bluefin that first year and has been chasing Giant Bluefin Tuna ever since.  Besides Bluefin,  he will fish for just about any other species of fish that swim in New England waters including striped bass, bluefish and many species of groundfish. Captain Tyler holds a Masters Captains License issued by the United States Coast Guard, License # 311327.


The Cynthia C. 2

The F/V Cynthia C. 2 is a custom 38' Holland downeast style boat specifically outfittted to pursue Giant Bluefin Tuna with both the harpoon and rod and reel.  She is equipped with all required U.S.C.G safety equipment.  She is a very comfortable and stable platform for all types of fishing.