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Spring Inshore Groundfish Charters

Black sea bass, fluke, scup, haddock

Bring the whole family for a great day of fishing.  The Spring fishing action is fast and furious.  Climb aboard the fully equipped 38' Holland for a great day for all ages,  we also offer Spring haddock and striped bass charters.

Giant Bluefin Tuna

Holland Boats, pulpit, tower

The F/V Cynthia C.² is equipped with tower and pulpit to pursue Giant Bluefin Tuna with harpoon in the early season.  Follow our pursuits on Facebook and Instagram.

Connection of a Lifetime

bluefin tuna fishing, wicked tuna

There is nothing more exciting than battling a Giant Bluefin Tuna with rod and reel.  The immense power of the fish will never cease to amaze even the most seasoned angler.

Jaws, white shark, great white shark, shark fishing

Battle with Jaws

Shark fishing can often be fast and furious.  A variety of sharks are found off New England including Mako, Porbeagle, Thresher, Blue Shark and of course Great White.

spotter airplane, topwater bluefin fishing

Birds Eye View

Climb in the back seat of the "Green Hornet," a Piper PA-12 and former Alaska bush plane equipped with extended fuel tank, perfect for fish spotting or photography.  See Great White Sharks or whales from 800' above the water,  fly reconnaissance before you go fishing the next day or aerial support finding schools of small tuna for "run & gun" light tackle action bluefin tuna fishing.

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